About Jack Wikinski

Our lives are full of action, missions, family, work….

Each of us has many roles and we are not resting. Over time, the body collects all the experiences and clutter and has its own ways of reacting.

And so I came to Chinese medicine.
Nice to meet you, my name is Jack Wizinski and I am taking care of Chinese medicine.

I was born in Australia and arrived in Israel about twenty years ago.

For years I worked in a completely different field, in high-tech. Until one day a few years ago, I was injured in the elbow as a result of multiple pressure and work with a mouse and keyboard.

Regular medicine did not give me the answer I was looking for, and so I came to the acupuncture practitioner. The treatment was so efficient and powerful, and led me to learn and know more about Chinese medicine. The more I learned and I was exposed, I fell in love with the field, and decided to make a change and go to study to be a therapist in the field.

I believe that when we live in balance, the body will be healthy at all levels. Balance is made up of lifestyles, nutrition, rest, physical activity, good relationships with the people around us, and more.
As I have already written, life is crowded, so most of us are out of balance, even without feeling it. Illness/pain/pressure and more can occur.

I treat different types of problems. One of my areas of expertise is sports injuries (since my personal life I have been practicing for many years CrossFit, a very intense and functional sport).
I take care of people who are in pain like: back pain, ballet and disc hacks, knee pains, shoulder injuries, pain in the wrist, pain in the pelvic basin, and so on.

In addition, I treat headaches, migraines, and inflammations.

When I have a patient, I first listen to him very sensitively.

I’m giving him a diagnosis, an interrogation, a pulse and a tongue check. And then I put pleasant music in my room and start taking care of.

The entire treatment takes about an hour and combines various techniques from Chinese medicine: acupuncture, wind cups, twiis (gentle clicks), Moxim (heating) and more.

The type of treatment is tailored to the customer’s needs. For people who are afraid of acupuncture, I take care of the twiis that it is a type of medical massage to the Chinese approach.

I would love to help you feel better, relieve and even get rid of the pain and restore your balance to life.

I invite you to call me and consult with me any problem you are dealing with.